Sit back and relax.

The professional services your telco, IT or ISP business needs are all here, under one roof.


T7 business

We provide your telco, IT or ISP business with a solid foundation so you can make fact-driven decisions. Business Plan Writing, Pitch Writing, Cash Flow Forecasting and Market Research. Leave it to us.


t7 collect

We specialise in collecting your commercial debts of $10,000 or more.

Our approach puts money in your bank.


t7 connect

Your business consumes telco, IT and internet services everyday. But are your current needs, including cost sensitivities, being met? We doubt it.

At no cost to you, we will have telco, IT and ISP businesses compete against each other to win your business. All you need to do is contact us.



We deploy management consulting, insight and advisory board services for telco, IT and ISP businesses, from start-ups to publicly listed companies.


T7 incubator

We enable businesses to identify, develop and realise the commercial potential of inventions and innovations for the telco, ISP and IT industries. Our insights, domain expertise and extensive industry networks are enablers of innovation. 


T7 legal

Our unrivalled industry knowledge coupled with ability to focus on what matters (and to not be distracted by noise) enables our clients to resolve their legal challenges quickly and effectively.


T7 media

We create fresh and engaging public relations, copywriting and digital campaigns that get the industry talking about our clients' telco, ISP and IT businesses.