The art of simple

You want to do a deal with a new corporate or business customer. And they want to do a deal with you. Your respective organisations have spent a lot of time getting to know each other, identifying and then defining the opportunity and reaching agreement on the commercial terms.

Everything is looking sweet.

And then you provide them with a copy of your supply agreement. An agreement that is so one sided in your favour, you wouldn't sign it if you were in the customer's shoes. 

The deal is lost, or if it's not, you spend hours to rescue it and change many of the one sided terms you presented in your agreement because you now know that the deal is more important to your company than having everything its way.

What a spectacular waste of time, energy and money. All caused by an irrational view that the customer should bend to your will because you are the supplier.

Newsflash: you aren't the supplier until the customer deals with you and they won't if you don't put them first. 

Time is money and delay kills deals. Review your company's template supply agreements with those things in mind. And then tell your company's lawyers to simplify those agreements and make them fair, from the customer's perspective.