Teoh's Pretty Good Telecom hangs up on Optus

In a move that will send further shivers down the spine of Optus, TPG has struck a deal with Vodafone to migrate TPG's mobile customers from the Optus, to Vodafone, network.

The move will see 487,000 mobile customers switched from one carrier's mobile network, to another carrier's network, just like that. That is a significant market change.

What a coup for Vodafone and what a disaster for Optus.

Just two days ago, Optus awoke to news of the proposed merger between M2 and Vocus. Optus could barely have worked through the implications for it of that deal since Monday and now, it's staring down the barrel of another market shift that will erode Optus' position. Everywhere Optus looks it is under attack. 

We said two days ago and we say it again now: Optus needs to do something major, fast and bold to reclaim a position of influence in the Australian telco market.

The only thing you will get from fence sitting Optus is splinters. And in delicate parts of your corporate anatomy at that.